Many countries in MENA & GCC Regions are expecting a robust growth in Steel Market backed by the increased demand in constructions and infrastructure projects. And for Steel Industries to be efficient; Steel producers are focusing on improving supply chain, reducing cost and optimizing operation and here is where Zahranco Group plays an important role. Zahranco Group, a tier 1 supplier to Steel industry, is dedicated in offering its customers with wide range of spare parts and components in the help to increase customer’s efficiency and competitiveness.

Zahranco Group is proud to play a vital role for the major Steel Producer in the region by understanding the challenges and meeting our customer’s requirements and acting swiftly whenever needed. Our regional presence allowed us to obtain comprehensive understanding of the Steel Industry and the latest industry’s technology which gives us an edge in serving our customers’ on common ground of sophisticated technical level.

Establishing trust and confidence in Zahranco’s future with our customers is essential for our growth and continuation. I’m proud to rely and promote my sons in management and in shaping strategy alongside with the experienced and high caliber team we have at Zahranco. Making sure that Zahranco is a well operating organization through it’s many functions.