Mechanical Repair

SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) is one of the most common welding techniques used for repair processes. We are equipped with different machine sizes, reaching repair size to 1.5 m Diameter and 6m length.

Our Automatic SAW machines assure deep weld penetration and homogeneity across the workpiece. Both Electrodes and strip coils are available to weld mild steels, high carbon steels, low and special alloy steels, and stainless steel. The electrode or the coil composition depends upon the material being welded; alloying elements may be added in the electrodes, to reach our clients requirements.

Stress relieve is an inevitable process after welding, as well as grinding process. We reach about 4mm each layer, and hardness based on the weld consumable material and the heat treatment process.

Rough CNC boring, welding, stress relieve, and final boring according to the DWG tolerances, using our 6m depth of furnace and our CNC machines.